November 2, 2003 to April 4th, 2004 NOW EXTENDED TO JULY 11th, 2004!

Experience nearly a thousand years of Russian culture and history in a first-of-its-kind exhibit that features a remarkable display of artifacts from the State Russian Museum.

Dr. Yevgenia Petrova, deputy director of the State Russian Museum says: "Things have changed now and Russia is a free country -- free to choose its own partners and its own themes for exhibitions and other forms of cultural contact. We regard St. Petersburg in Florida as our twin city -- not only because we share the same name, but also because it too was founded by a Russian native who once lived in St. Petersburg (Russia). The aim of this exhibition is to show the treasures of the State Russian Museum to the American public, taking viewers on a journey through 800 years of Russian history and culture. We hope that Americans enjoy this journey, making them want to visit the other St. Petersburg -- Russia's cultural capitol, which marked its three-hundreth anniversary in 2003."

The exhibit is housed in ten galleries, with settings which mirror the architecture and flavor of each era. Featured themes include religious culture, the life of the Czars, a comparison of the life of noblemen and peasants and cultural elements such as ballet and literature. The entire exhibit covers over 10,000 square feet.

Russian Odyssey has been years in the making with community leaders from the sister cities negotiating an exchange of cultural and educational information. There is a ten year working agreement to display Russian art and historical objects in St. Petersburg, Florida, some of which will travel to different venues across the United States.

Take a tour of the highlights of each of the ten galleries.

Russian Odyssey is open through April 4th 2004NOW EXTENDED TILL JULY 11TH, 2004.

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